In the moment it seems like the end of the world like thing. It’s very overwhelming. It’s hard to think positively even though you know you should. You can’t eat, You can’t think straight. It literally affects every part of your life, In the moment it’s so rough. Once you finally calm yourself down and start thinking, everything gets better. You know it’s temporary.

Whenever I go through depression or anxiety attacks, its only temporary. I know there are so many people who love me and care about me. It helps me push through and help me get through.

Whenever someone needs me as well, me being there for them gives me a sense of purpose. I remember going through all this alone and I hated it. I hated going through it alone. So if someone asks me for help,

I will help in a heartbeat. The cycle has to end somewhere, I know that cycle can end through me. That’s why I am so friendly and open to other people. Everyone comes to me now for advice.

Not sure if I am the best person to give advice always haha but idk seems to work for everyone and I enjoy helping people that way.