If you are having suicidal thoughts or feelings, contact 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or a qualified physician / mental health professional immediately.

South Asian Providers Database

MannMukti has collected a list of South Asian mental health providers so our audience can find culturally responsive care! 

You can find a searchable database below with a collection of large U.S. cities.

Provider Database Request

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FAQ Guide

Finally, if you’re curious about getting started with mental health care, please reference this document, created in collaboration with the Asian American Psychological Association’s Division on South Asian Americans

CityProfessional NameMHP TypePhoneFree Consultation? (Y/N)Online Services? (Y/N)Specialties
ChicagoRajwinder KhuranaPsychologist(773) 219-3933Y (phone only)NDepression, Trauma and PTSD, Relationship Issues
San FranciscoKavitha GoldowitzTherapist(707) 549-6681
Y - free 20 min consultationdepression, anxiety, sexual trauma, relationship counseling, family conflict
BostonKaran VermaPsychiatrist(617) 414-6565NNPsychosis prevention; Mental Health; Refugee Trauma; Global Psychiatry
New York CityNeil Krishan AggarwalPsychiatrist(917) 725-0723NNcultural psychiatry, depression, anxiety, insomnia, concerns around their work, relationships, and identity
Washington D.C.Rukhsana M. ChaudhuryPsychologist(202) 559-4226YNAnxiety, Relationships, Self Esteem
PhoenixSupriya NairPsychiatrist(602) 353-7661Nmedication management, depression, anxiety
DetroitDr. Mauran ShivanathanPsychiatrist(800)-436-7936NYInsomnia; Anxiety; Major Depression
Los AngelesShahin SakhiPsychiatrist(424) 342-8400; (310) 927-2578Y (both phone #'s or email)Y (video counseling)Stress, Coping Skills, Parenting
New York CityMohsin AhmedPsychiatrist(646) 679-2836Ndepression, anxiety, ADHD
SeattleDr. Sneha SastryPsychiatrist (206) 966-4052NY (phone only)Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, and others
Washington D.C.Malahat Baig-AminTherapist(202) 568-8417YNTrauma, Anxiety, Depression
DetroitJoya D'CruzTherapist(734) 672-3346YYMarriage Counseling; Emotional Disturbances; Anxiety; Depression and others
PhoenixSaif JafferyPsychiatrist(480) 418-0598NNpsychosomatic medicine, addiction medicine
Los AngelesRodney RabbaniMarriage and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Dating Coach, Relationship Expert(310) 905-8282; (310) 666-5772Y (phone only at 1st number listed)NAnxiety, Depression, Addiction
ChicagoUma ShanmughamPre-Licensed Professional(631) 546-7816YNMood Disorders, Trauma and PTSD, Women's Issues
SeattleHuma M. DinTherapist(206) 858-1177YYAnxiety, Child or Adolescent, Coping skills, Depression, Divorce, Family Conflict, Infertility, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Spirituality
Los AngelesAruna KodaliPsychiatrist(310) 737-8499YN
DetroitDr. Hiten C PatelPsychiatrist(248)-425-5202YYPersonality Disorder; Bipolar Disorder
AtlantaSamera SheikhLPC(404) 271-9495YYRelationship Issues, Parenting, Marital
San JoseChandrakala RajaTherapist(408) 868-5693YNFamily Conflict, Martial and Premaritial, Trauma & PTSD
Los AngelesNava GhanouniMarriage and Family Therapist(323) 591-3726YNAnxiety, Depression, Family Conflict
Washington D.C.Rupal MistryLPC(703) 862-1087YNDepression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues
San FranciscoSrini KatragaddaTherapist(415) 625-3006anxiety, depression, phobias, life transitions, relationship counseling
SeattleMs. Priya SillanTherapist(206) 202-4013YYGrief; Infidelity; Anxiety; Stress; Family Conflict; Self-Esteem and More
San JoseSangeeta RamchandaniTherapist(650) 385-8274NNAddiction, Relationship Issues, Coping Skills
HoustonKirandeep KaurPsychiatrist(281) 254-0808ADHD, anxiety, depression, post-partum
ChicagoShoaib MemonPsychiatrist(312) 800-1521Y (phone only)N
ChicagoMohmammed AlamPsychiatrist(847) 440-3488 x105Y (phone or email only)NDepression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder
BostonHamza BarmadaPsychiatrist(617) 638-8540YYPsychiatry; Neurology
New York CityShanthi MogaliPsychiatrist(646) 774-6147Y (online)opiod/alcohol addiction, substance abuse
AtlantaZainab DelawallaPsychologist(678) 509-6734YDepression, Anxiety, Stress
BostonWilliam David SlaughterPsychiatrist(617) 233-8957NYNot South Asian himself, but has experince working with Muslim patients.
San JoseShereen MohsenPsychologist(408) 796-1251YYDepression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues
ChicagoKiran MaharajaPsychiatrist(312) 548-8970; (312) 754-9404Y (1st phone # or email)NMood Disorders, ADHD, Child or Adolescent
Los AngelesShivani ChopraPsychiatrist(310) 484-5765; (310) 601-9999Y (both phone #'s or email)NChild or Adolescent, Depression, Anxiety
San JoseAshwini GuptaTherapist(408) 622-1596YNDepression, Relationship Issues, Women's Issues
SeattleMs. Tina GonzalesTherapist(425) 903-8855YYAnxiety; Codependency; Dual Diagnosis; Family Conflicts; Mood Disorders and Others
New York CityNasir NaqviPsychiatrist(914) 297-8059NNmood, anxiety, insomnia, attention deficit, psychosis, trauma, and addictions
AtlantaPurvita A. PatelPsychologist(404) 947-6394Trauma, PTSD, Child/Adolescent
PhoenixShaili PatelPsychiatrist(602) 910-6637Nmedication management, anxiety
ChicagoAmani MethaPsychiatrist(773) 906-4451; (773) 945-1165Y (1st phone # or email)NPregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum, Mood Disorders, Anxiety
Jersey City/NewarkSuruchi SainiLicensed Professional Counselor(908) 842-0053; (732) 846-7000Y (1st phone # or email only)Y (video counseling)Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Emotional Disturbance
ChicagoSahar EftekharPsychiatrist(312) 663-8104; (312) 754-9404Y (1st phone # or email)NAddiction, ADHD, Depression
Jersey City/NewarkNadimeh BadaanPsychologist(201) 706-8442Y (phone only)Y (video counseling)Trauma and PTSD, Domestic Violence, Testing and Evaluation
DallasZia UddinPsychiatrist(469) 654-4931YSubstance abuse disorders, ADHD, telemedicine
PhoenixAlpa SanghaviPsychiatrist(602) 483‑4826Nmedication management, postpartum depression
San JoseMaitrayee Baksi-BanerjeeTherapist(408) 816-1221YNStress, Mood Disorders, Relationship Issues
ChicagoSaba SyedPsychiatrist(312) 345-6220Y (phone only)NDepression, Anxiety
PhiladelphiaMuhammed Ilyas ShaikhPsychiatrist(412) 221-7770Adolescent, depression, anxiety
DetroitDr. Naznin MahmoodPsychiatrist(800)-653-6568NYNeurology; Anxiety Prevention
PhiladelphiaKhalida SethiClinical Social Worker(214) 645-0546YAnxiety, family conflict, racial identity
PhoenixSonia GodbolePsychiatristNmedication management, OCD, depression, trauma
DetroitAmyna FtouniTherapist(313)-992-7951YYSelf-Esteem; Self-Harm; Sexual Abuse; Insomnia and others
HoustonZishan SamiuddinPsychiatrist(713) 597-8602YGrief, trauma, PTSD, OCD
BostonAlok KanojiaPsychiatrist(617) 724-5600NYMen's Health; Addiction; Depression
ChicagoAbdullah SallajPsychiatristY (phone only)NMood Disorders, Anxiety, ADHD
Los AngelesAkshan Rafael ShadiMarriage and Family Therapist(310) 340-2757Y (phone only)NAnxiety, Stress, Self Esteem
ChicagoKalyan RaoPsychiatrist(312) 219-9195; (312) 754-9404Y (1st phone # or email)Y (video counseling)Addiction, Depression, Anxiety
Washington D.C.Roshni ChatterjeeLPC(202) 798-1380YNTrauma & PTSD, Dual Diagnosis, Relationship Issues
PhiladelphiaRaja AbbasPsychiatristBethlehem, PA: (610) 625-1486; Palmerton, PA: (610) 900-4234Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder
AtlantaGuneeta SinghTherapist(404) 620-3545YTrauma & PTSD, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse
Jersey City/NewarkBhavin GajeraPsychiatrist(201) 820-0888Y (phone or email)NADHD, Child or Adolescent, Anxiety
HoustonPuja MehtaLPC(281) 954-3632Anxiety, Self harm, family and individual therapy
San JoseDr. Jayn Rajandran PsyDPsychologist(650) 727-1761YYSexual Abuse, Divorce, Relationship Issues
San JoseSushma TrivediTherapist(408) 898-9470YNMood Disorders, Parenting, Relationship Issues
New York CityRicha MaheshwariPsychiatrist(202) 791-4879NNchild/adolescent, mood disorders, ADHD, OCD, relationship
Los AngelesRaymond NourmandPsychologist(424) 348-7369Y (phone only)Y (teletherapy, video counseling)Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Low Self Esteem
Los AngelesEhab YacoubPsychiatrist(424) 343-2109Y (phone only)NMedication Management, ADHD, Child or Adolescent
San JoseSimi MarkerTherapist(510) 273-9126YYDepression, Divorce, Cultural Issues
HoustonMadiha GhayasPsychiatrist(832) 981-6933ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression
Los AngelesMaya ShaktiPsychologist(310) 879-5680Y (phone only)Y (video counseling)Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Life Transitions
New York CityRoomana QayyumPsychiatrist(917) 765-3513NNanxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma
San JoseDr. Tejal JakatdarPsychologist(215) 839-0045YYAnxiety, OCD
ChicagoPavan PrasadPsychiatrist(312) 487-2724Y (phone or email only)Y (video counseling)ADHD, Anxiety, Depression
San JoseAnita Juhnjuhnwala MukherjeePsychologist(650) 651-5869NYSuicidal Ideation, Relationship Issues, Anxiety
New York CityMadhu AhluwaliaPsychiatrist(845) 538-4516NNdepression, anxiety, OCD, opiod addiction, bipolar disorders
San FranciscoTrish SinghPsychologist(415) 570-7417
children/adolescents, psychological assessment, developmental delays, autism, ADHD
ChicagoShalini ChawlaPsychiatrist(630) 338-0460; (773) 698-6417; (630) 242-1788; (630) 541-9560Y (1st phone # or email)NChild or Adolescent, Mood Disorders, Anxiety
BostonDustin PatilPsychiatrist(617) 638-8000NNAddiction
DallasManju R. Goyalpsychiatrist(972) 843-7877Dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy
DetroitDr. Deepak PrabhakarPsychiatrist(313)-874-6677NYDepression; Sleep Disorders; Manic Depressive Disorder and more
San JoseRumi SaikiaTherapist(408) 335-0417NNAnxiety, Depression
San JoseHarsha VaishnavOther(408) 707-3142YYAnxiety, Insomnia, Chronic Pain
San FranciscoRaina VermaTherapist(415) 964‑3166
depression, mindfulness, self-esteem
Jersey City/NewarkAhmad ButtCounselor(201) 548-8673Y (phone only)Y (video counseling)Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management
BostonAshish AnandPsychiatrist(617) 414-4238NNChild/ Adolescent Psychiatry
San JoseNamita KrishnanPsychologist(415) 212-9766YNTrauma & PTSD, Depression, Child/Adolescent
DallasAbida MinhasLPC(972) 757-1818CBT, Solution based therapy, trauma based issues, anxiety
Los AngelesAnjali AlimchandaniPsychologistYYTrauma, Mood, Substance Use, Relationship Issues, Transitions, Grief
Los AngelesArsalan MalikPsychiatrist(424) 259-2673Y (phone or email)Y (video counseling /telemedicine)Personality Disorders, Mood Disorders, Bipolar Disorders
Los AngelesAkashdeep GillPsychiatrist(310) 737-8499Y (both phone #'s)NAddiction, Substance Abuse, Depression
Jersey City/NewarkBijay MinhasClinical Social Worker(973) 216-8608YYMental health, Intergenerational and intercultural conflicts, Identity development (all age groups)
PhiladelphiaRabab AlmaTherapist(484) 681-5207YYTrauma, PTSD
Jersey City/NewarkDivya DodhiaClinical Social Work/Therapist/Licensed Clinical Social Worker(201) 448-7629Y (text or call)NChild or Adolescent, Trauma and PTSD, Parenting
HoustonManizeh Mirza-Gruber, M.D.Psychiatrist(346) 204 -5474NNGeneral Adult, Women’s Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Wellness, Holistic/ Integrative approach with Advanced Training as a Mind-Body Skills Facilitator
New York CityNarveen DosanjhPsychiatrist(212) 803-5799NYholistic/integrative medicine, depression, anxiety, ADHD. nutrition, meditation
ChicagoChandan BhagiaPsychologist(312) 874-5025; (773)-609-0361Y (both phone #'s)NRelationship Issues, Self Esteem, Depression
New York CityGurpreet K Bhomia, Psy.D.PsychologistYYDepression, Trauma, Childhood Abuse History, Anxiety, Stress
Los AngelesVida NikzadPsychologist(424) 294-8924; (310) 804-6118Y (1st phone # only)Y (video counseling)Relationship Issues, Trauma and PTSD, Anxiety
AtlantaHabiba Zaman-TranLPC(678) 607-2133Transgender
San JoseHeena ParikhTherapist(650) 549-4964YNTrauma & PTSD, Depression, School Issues
Jersey City/NewarkNirala BardLicensed Professional Counselor(646) 798-2446; (646) 505-7099Y (1st phone # or email only)Y (video counseling)Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues
ChicagoNosheen HydariMarriage and Family Therapist(630) 560-6733; (773) 830-4199; (630) 965-6674Y (1st phone # only)Y (video counseling)Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues
Los AngelesAnjuli Amin, Ph.D.Psychologist(323) 739-4520YYBehavioral Health (e.g., chronic pain, sleep), Aging, Trauma, Relationships, Work/Life Balance
Jersey City/NewarkSarosh CooperPsychologist(201) 561-7175; (201) 677-2232Y (1st phone # only)NChild or Adolescent, Young Adults (18-35), Relationship Issues
HoustonSaima HusainiLPC(281) 916-1541YDepression, anxiety, relationship issues. This LPC hosts a Womens Processing Group- "Open to all women, age 18 and over, looking for a safe, supportive, & judgement free therapy group to process life, find balance, and improve overall mental health and well being. $35 per 90 minute session."
DallasSeema KaziPsychiatrist(817) 488-8998YPsychotherapy
ChicagoUtpal DhruvePsychiatrist(847) 984-0170; (847) 461-8556Y (1st phone # or email)NADHD, Anxiety, Medication Management
Washington, D.C.Sonia H. Kotecha, LICSWClinical Social Worker(202) 697-3772YNWomen's Issues, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, life transition, family conflict, career counseling, cross-cultural challenges, trauma, stress management, leadership development
ChicagoAarti MethaPsychiatrist(773) 245-1975; (773) 234-7621Y (1st phone # or email)Y (telepsychiatry/video counseling)Medication Management, Mood Disorders, Anxiety
San FranciscoManisha PunwaniPsychiatrist(415) 599-4349Nchild/adolescent, mindfulness, general/social anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, autism
DallasJessica DemlaTherapist/Counselor(214) 663-4904YCouples & Postpartum
San JoseKanchan SachdevTherapist(415) 570-7417NNTrauma & PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Relationship Issues
PhiladelphiaKapil NayarLPC(856) 322-0576YAddiction, medication management, dissociative disorders
DallasMona GhoshehPsychologist(512) 586-7001Online counseling
New York CityNidhi GoelPsychiatrist(646) 812-5355​NNmindfulness-based therapy, pharmacological treatment
ChicagoAmit KakkarPsychologist(847) 340-9908Y (1st phone # only)Y (video counseling)Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem
HoustonNirmeen ValianiLPC(713) 597-4846Anxiety, Depression, Parenting
ChicagoPari Shah, MSWClinical Social Worker (Pre-Licensed Professional)(224) 993-9598YYAnxiety, Coping Skills, Identity, Depression, DV, Grief, Personality Disorders, Self Esteem, Self-Harm, Sexual Abuse
ChicagoRoshni Davé, LCPCLicensed Clinical Professional Counselor(224) 655-2487Insurance acceptedYEating Disorders, Self Injury Behaviors, Mood Disorders
DallasRuna KordePsychologist(469) 334-4342YRational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
ChicagoShlok KharodPsychologist(248) 860-1664YY (If necessary)Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; working with underserved populations; athletes
PhiladelphiaSahar AkhtarLPC(610) 674-6385YStress, Identity issues, Trauma, PTSD. She runs several groups: International Students Support Group, Stress Management Group, Emotional Resilience Group.
New York CitySamoon AhmadPsychiatrist(212) 585-1111Nnutritional therapies, weight management, depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD
Los AngelesShahrzad MahmoudiMarriage and Family Therapist(323) 673-3132Y (phone only)NAnxiety, Eating Disorders, Trauma and PTSD
Los AngelesShereen HaririMarriage and Family Therapist(424) 222-9981Y (phone only)Y (video counseling)Relationship Issues, Sex Therapy, Infertility
AtlantaSmruti Praful DesaiLPC(404) 323-3553YTrauma & PTSD, Grief, Racial Identity
DallasSaliha QadirPsychologist(214) 357-4001YAddiction, substance abuse
New York CitySue VarmaPsychiatrist(212)-590-2456NNdepression, anxiety, cultural issues
Jersey City/NewarkSara ZaidiTherapist(201) 419-6835Y (phone or email)NChild or Adolescent, Parenting
Los AngelesSherly KhodadadMarriage and Family Therapist(310) 982-7225; (310) 479-8255Y (both phone #'s or email)NMood Disorders, Anxiety, Relationship Issues
AustinTara Sen PittTherapist/Counselor(512) 710-6920YNExploring family of origin, Anxiety, Depression
Los AngelesAmjad HindiPsychiatrist(323) 244-2066, extension 1Y (phone or email)NDepression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders