Relationships are often difficult to navigate in the beginning, and all the more fraught now that communication itself has changed in such dramatic ways.

Where in the past, we hurt each other and learned how to be better by being around each other more, it’s getting easier and easier to avoid the lessons of intimacy with another person.

I’ve been guilty of this kind of lapse and I feel like there’s a lot I don’t have a chance to learn except when it’s too late. So as always, I called my bullshit detector-in-chief, Audria Choudhury, to explore practical solutions to this and many more of life’s problems.   


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With our MannMukti podcast series, we aim to connect our listeners with mental health professionals as well as those with lived experiences of mental illness. Our podcasts are often conducted in an interview format, with one or more members of the MannMukti team asking questions of a guest. Each episode features a different guest who can speak to us about a unique topic in South Asian mental health, but the constant theme throughout each podcast is a conversation about stigma.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the episodes or guests or taking part in a future interview, please feel free to reach out to us at

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