When I was five years old, I was blessed with a baby brother. His name was Vikas. His life story was riddled with brain surgeries, breathing/feeding tubes, spells of being unable to breathe, and ultimately death at the tender age of two.

This pain was not simply something he could express. Imagine being surrounded by faces that ponder as you are silenced by the state of your existence. Unaware of how to speak your mind and articulate your pain. Unable to utter the words “I am not okay.” Reliant on those around to somehow see through your pain. #Speakup emphasizes the privilege of having A VOICE. Whether timid or loud, its capacity is beyond measures.

After Vikas passed away, I have always wanted to be the big sister to other people that I could have been for him.

I want to help people embrace their vulnerability. I want to help people express their pain and overcome struggles in their lives.

And that’s exactly what I will do…let’s speak tf up.